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960H Video Surveillance


This technology has largely been superseded by other 'HD' technologies like HD-CVI

What is 960H?

'960H' is the name given to a series of CCD image sensors developed by the Sony Corporation in 2009. These CCD image sensors are capable of capturing video images at a resolution of 976hx528v. The 960h CCD sensor is often used in conjunction with Sony's new DSP (Digital Signal Processor) known as Effio™, which further enhances the quality of the video image. Traditionally the maximum resolution obtainable from an analogue CCTV camera was 650 TVL (TV lines). With the use of Sony's new 960h CCD in conjuction with features from the Effio DSP, resolutions of up to 700 TVL (JEITA TTR-4602B) can be achieved.


Beware of what you are getting

Some organizations sell systems with 960H cameras included and call them 960H solutions, however to take advantage of the superior image quality you must use a 960h DVR which are not readily available in the market presently. Also beware of DVR models that have 960 in the model name because this often refers to the total frames the DVR can support, not the resolution.


Benefits of 960H

  • No re-cabling work required for existing coaxial infrastructure
  • Cheap upgrade path for moderate picture improvement
  • Less complex than IP based systems
  • Generally smoother motion than IP at same frame rate

Drawbacks and considerations for 960h

You will need to upgrade your DVR/NVR recording device to utilize 960h. You will also require more hard disk storage to accommodate for the larger image size. Although 960h will give you a better image quality over a standard analogue system, the image quality is still superior on an IP or HD-SDI based system. There are a lot of fakes out there, claiming to be 960H, so be careful.