CCTV System Maintenance Schedule

Each day ensure there is movement for each camera and that the clock on the screen is advancing.

Weekly Maintenance

As above, plus perform playback from at least 1 period of the previous week.

Monthly Maintenance

As above, plus perform a DVD or USB back-up and check all devices are time sychronized.

6 Monthly Maintenance

Any filters inside recorders should be replaced and full parameter and diagnostic checks be performed in line with manufacturers’ specifications. Accumulated dust and other particules should be removed from ventalation areas of head-end recorders, switches and other equipment. Check batteries in UPS power supplies. These checks should be performed by a qualified CCTV technician.

Daylight Saving check

After day light saving has started or ended check that the time on recorded footage is correct.

On Power spike or Power failure

When the power has been lost even if only for a few seconds you should check that all your cameras are up and the recorder ⁄s are still recording.  This is best done about 10 minutes after the power has returned.
For troubleshooting tips refer to Freedom VMS Troubleshooting Guide