Freedom is an Australian owned, designed, and supported VMS (Video Management Software.) integrating existing and evolving CCTV technologies, allowing Multi-Platform CCTV support from a single software platform. View and playback cameras in high resolution from technologies such as HD-IP, ONVIF,
HD-CVI, HD-TVI, HD-SDI, AHD and HDcctv (V2.0) as well as older CVBS SD CCTV technologies across multiple cabling infrastructures including COAX, CAT5-6 and fibre.

Freedom VMS gives you the ability to expand, mix, and integrate new technologies and resolutions as your budget permits without re-investing in a new software solution each time. It allows you to simultaneously review footage from multi-recorders utilizing diverse technologies from multiple manufacturers.

Freedom VMS Matrix


Supporting new surveillance Solutions

E-Map playback – earlier versions of Freedom Surveillance allowed the user to select a time and camera for playback from a “drop down” menu. This is still a feature however, E-Map playback enables review of camera footage via a “click and drag” operation associated with a custom CCTV site map. This is very intuitive to use, click on a picture of the area you want to review and drag it into the playback window pane.

Timeline playback – To further enhance playback, Freedom Surveillance provides a timeline of each camera selected for playback. A simple click of a mouse over the section (time) you want to review will start camera playback.

Multiple camera playback – Up to four cameras can be reviewed simultaneously across multiple recorders. This is a powerful feature when you need to review an event and want to watch other cameras at the same time. This feature is also available in E-Map playback.

Synchronisation of playback footage – Once you have selected multiple cameras for playback, they can be synchronised to display video at exactly the same time regardless of the recording device the images are stored on.

Downloading and exporting recorded footage – Once you have identified the footage to keep or provide authorities (e.g. police, investigators etc.)
Freedom Surveillance enables you to download footage to a local PC workstation. Video footage can then be exported in native file format with encryption watermarking and a self executable player (runs straight off the removable media without the need to install onto a PC).